Zenith Mountain guides is just me, Evan Stevens.

Through my love of rock and snow I ended up in Squamish, British Columbia, in a never ending pursuit of summits, splitters and snow.

Born and raised in a suburb of New York City, I learned to wander around the hardwoods of the east coast at an early age. Lots of organized sports, faded into individual pursuits on the snow and rock in the Catskills, Green and White Mountains and the Adirondacks.

After finishing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and Environmental Science at Middlebury College in Vermont, I quickly found a job with the Utah Avalanche Center in Salt Lake City and Moab, UT. 5 years of following around the best avalanche forecasters the U.S. had to offer found me in a position to marry and move up to British Columbia and chase a career in mountain guiding and backcountry lodge ownership.

In 2005 I began working my winters at Valhalla Mountain Touring in the Selkirks of British Columbia, operating and then owning one of the premier backcountry ski lodges in BC.

In 2007 I completed my International Federation of Mountain Guides Certification through the American Mountain Guides Association.

Along the way I have chased down skiing across the snowy ranges of the world, big walls and cliffs around the globe, and continued to guide all the while. The last few years I have added a significant amount of work training and certifying guides for both the American and Canadian Mountain Guide Associations.